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Seeking to set Wider and Wider Bounds !!!

Seeking to set wider and wider Bounds !!!

Source : Bakery Biz

Edition : January – February 2015

Automation is opening up unforeseen opportunities for machinery makers. Autobake Productions, in partnership with some of the Worlds renowned brands, is riding on the automation wave. The company just executed a first-of-its-kind  bun line for Haldirams, the leading sweet and snack maker.

From Sri Lanka’s Vavuniya town to Ahmadabad’s crammed Ganj Bazar, machineries is myriad bakery kitchens bear an insignia – Autobake. These kitchen also include Lutf Foods by Monginis and Bakelite Foods, both in Pune. Celejor & LaFolie in Mumbai.

Autobake Productions, says its founder-director Yusuf F Patanwala, focuses on both the “Software” and the “Hardware” aspects of bakery business. “Systems and productivity form the software while machines are the hardware, Patanwala explains. The idea to transform the bakery industry into a continuous production system like assembly lines was perhaps his only asset when Patanwala quit his job at India’s largest retail bakery Monginis to pursue his own passion – distributing machineries.

His idea translated into selling fully automatic bread production lines, encrusting machines for sweets and salted products, automatic depositing solutions for cakes, cookies, and chocolates and automatic sheeting and lamination solutions in quick succession. Within three years the company doubled its sales. Today, Autobake machineries are ubiquitous in the bakeries of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Autobake has strategic partnership with some of the renowned companies from Europe. Foremost among them is Koenig from Austria, a world market leader in equipment of buns, rolls, breads, pizza, croissants. Autobake’s partnership with Koenigentials turnkey solutions in dough technology and processing.

The tie up with Mono, based in Uk, similarly is for confectionery products such as cakes, cookies, chocolates and ice creams right from dough preparation to final packaging. Mono is a part of ALI group that has more than 40 companies under its umbrella for the food business.

Recently, for expanding Haldiram’s bun production, Autobake installed a Koenig Industry Rex, an automatic bun line, at the company’s facility. Since January, the line operates at its headquarters in Nagpur and Produces various rounded rolls such as milk pav. The line works with a capacity of 21,000 pieces per hour and operates in six or nine rows, depending on the weight range between 10 and 40 grams. The machine processes dough with a high yield with gentle handling and high weight accuracy.

This is not the first Koenig line at Haldiram. There are already two dividing and rounding machines in operation at the company’s headquarter. They are however rather medium sized. The latest one is Koenig’s first Industrial Bun Line at Haldiram and in the Indian market in general.

Rudolf Stratker, Managing Director of Koenig says, “from the Portfolio of Koenig,  rusk bread lines, rolls lines, toast bread lines, croissant lines, and donuts lines are suitable for India. The philosophy of Koenig is to provide the customer with not only the equipment but also the technology”.

“In my opinion, Haldiram’s line will be a turning point for that company and also the rest of the bread industry in India”, says Patanwala.

“The Koenig Line offers a win on the cost benefit ratio. As per our calculations, the amortization of the line will take only two years”, says Sushil Agarwal, CEO of Haldiram Foods, whose grandfather founded the company in Bikaner in 1937.

“The Industrie Rex installed at Haldiram is the first industrial roll line in India. This is the beginning for a promising future on the Indian Market”. Says Guenter Sebanz, Koenig’s Area Sales Manager for India.

Besides Koenig, Autobake has also set up an automatic bread line from Glimek, Sweden, for Bakelite Foods, Pune. Autobake has also set up a turnkey project for WS Bakers that caters to 100 cake shops in the same city. Autobake has also a partnership with Sarmasik, Turkey, for solutions in tin bread manufacturing technology.

As for its software side, as Patanwala likes to call it, the company along with Mono,  has implemented “Bake-off” concept for Hypercity, Mumbai. Another of its projects involves the complete re-design up gradation and automation of a 20,000 sq ft bakery facility for Kanhai Foods (Kalory & Kabhi B) in Ahmedabad. The company has also executed cakes and cookies production plants in Sir Lanka.