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Layer Cake Line

Gorreri designs and manufactures fully automatic “turn-key” lines for the production of layer cakes with different shapes, dimensions and toppings..


Celebrationa Cake Line


Gorreri designs and manufactures fully automatic “turn-key” lines for the production of layer cakes with different shapes, dimensions and toppings..

The high flexibility of the equipment allows you to work on multiple layers, with different type of filling (whipped creams, creams, jams, icings, etc.), by using robotic systems to overlap the layers, to cover and decorate the cakes with smooth or whipped creams, twisted roselets or any kind of grains (grains based on dry fruit, coloured sugar, meringue, sponge cake crumbs, chocolate flakes, etc).

With the excellent knowledge gained throughout all these years, Gorreri is able to identify quickly the specific need of each customer, offering the exact solution without any compromise.

We can manufacture 1, 2 , 3 or more rows processing lines with a nominal production output from 200 pieces per hour to more than 3500!

Our standard equipments can be equipped to produce two, three or four layers cakes with cream, chocolate or jam filling to meet everyone's demand. 

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